Is a Merv 8 Rating Good for Your Home's Air Quality?

Millions of Americans suffer from respiratory diseases and related health problems, such as asthma, COPD, and allergies. These conditions can be affected by indoor air quality, so it's important to choose the right air filter for your home. A Merv 8 filter is considered a superior filtration compared to air filters with a lower Merv rating, but is it enough? The answer depends on your specific needs. If you are concerned about outdoor air pollution, family members with respiratory problems, or pets in the house, then a higher Merv rating might be a good idea.

A filter with a Merv 8 rating is more than adequate for many households, but if you want to ensure the cleanest air possible, you may want to consider upgrading to a higher rating. Filters with a Merv rating of 1 to 6 are the lowest range of ratings and are not necessarily bad. However, using an air filter with a Merv rating that is too high is just as bad as using one that is too low. It's best to comply with oven manufacturer's recommendations or consult an HVAC professional to determine exactly which Merv rating is best for your specific system.

A filter with a Merv rating between 8 and 13 is usually considered high-end for domestic use or high-quality commercial filters. This may not seem like a significant difference compared to the Merv 8, but a Merv 11 is better able to capture between 65% and 79% of the smallest particles. Upgrading to a Merv 13 filter is both cost-effective and the most efficient option to ensure clean, quality air for your indoor space. Remember that Merv 8 filters are medium efficiency filters that can remove most particles, but will need to be changed regularly to maintain performance.

The same applies to homes with smokers or pets, as Merv 11 air filters better eliminate odors. One thing to keep in mind is that a Merv 11 air filter may need to be changed a little more frequently than a Merv 8. In conclusion, while Merv 8 is good, it's not always enough. If you want cleaner indoor air and improved respiratory health, you may want to consider upgrading your filter to a higher rating.